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Few Words About Us

#1 Wooden Furniture Online Store

Wooden furniture has a timeless appeal, bringing warmth and character to any space. In the realm of online furniture shopping, Goyal Handicraft stands out as a beacon of quality and craftsmanship. As you embark on the journey of furnishing your space with the finest wooden pieces, let's delve into what makes Goyal Handicraft the best online store for wooden furniture.

Goyal Handicraft's Story Is One Steeped In Tradition And Dedication. From Its Humble Beginnings To Its Current Stature, The Brand Has Stayed True To Its Roots, Emphasizing The Importance Of Traditional Craftsmanship. Each Piece Of Furniture Tells A Tale Of Skill, Passion, And A Commitment To Preserving Heritage.

Values - What We Believe In!

Our beliefs are very simple. In this dynamic world, we believe in delivering the best product in the most efficient manner to you which is not just a virtue but now a necessity for your business. Thereby, our beliefs revolve around the words that reflect dynamism in our business, integrity in our words and perfection in our work. And those principles are neatly abbreviated as:


These three words permeate every mind and action working with us, thus lending us a vibrant and an enthusiastic attitude. The word "WE" reflects unity and integrity in everything that we do which ensures fairness, respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency. "We" believes in mutual benefit to everyone who is a part of the family and shares a common goal of developing the best product in the market. 

"DO" is an attitude that is no less than a go- getter. It is forever ready to generate new ideas with passion. "DO" believes that change is the only constant thing and innovation is critical to a company's survival. "DO" believes in anticipating the market needs and preparing a design that is unique and exclusive, ensuring that it is done with expertise and complete know- how.

"IT" is the sense of accomplishment of a task with perfection. A product which exhibits precision and superiority, crafted carefully to blend the Indian architecture with the Western concept. "IT" believes in uniting the three values together to merge into one meaning that "WE DO IT" and we promise to deliver "IT".

Vision -

The vision of Saraf is to inspire its communities by leveraging on its three key values- " Principal", "Passion" and "Perfection"- and to promoting new value for its core networks -- Industry, Partners, and Employees. Through these efforts, we hope to contribute to a better world and a richer experience for all. As part of the vision, we would pursue to design and innovate for the international market but we have also mapped out a specific plan to mark a distinguishable online retail presence across India and to become one of the biggest retail online stores in the country and abroad. We are also excited about our future. As we build on our previous accomplishments, we look forward to exploring new territories, such as education and renewable energy. Saraf is committed to being a creative leader in new markets and becoming a truly No. 1 business going forward.